Travel Tuesday-San Francisco

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Not feeling very inspired today due to lots of studying and the whole responsible adult thing.  So here’s a few pictures from my recent trip to San Francisco. I have a million more to edit, so these are just a few from my phone edited in Instagram.  I know I’m probably the last Iphone user in the country to discover this app, but I’m obsessed!

View of San Francisco from Alacatraz

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge in the fog


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  1. Your photo suggests that Instagram was made for the Golden Gate Bridge; they go together like basil and tomatoes.

  2. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog on wordpress.. & couldn’t help but love your photos of SF. It almost makes me want to give in to the iphone! P.S. Have you ever seen the blog sfgirlbybay? I randomly saw some gorgeous SF photos there today too.. (It’s not mine, wish I could claim that gorgeousness!)

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’m gonna check out the rest of your blog now..

    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked them!! I would totally recommend the Iphone, I’ve had the 3G for 3 years now & I still love it.

      You were right, sfgirlybybay has some awesome pictures, I had to check out her blog! Hope you like our blog, it is definitely still a work in progress 🙂


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