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Lemon Bars

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I was craving lemon bars the other day and remembered that I have had this post bookmarked for well over a year.  Grain free/sugar free treats usually aren’t quite as good as the originals so I was unsure if I was going to like them.

I really had no reason to be concerned-they were amazing!!  Seriously may have been better than the original recipe I used to make.  The bottom layer is a little more crumbly and a little less like shortbread, but I really liked it.  And the lemon topping was perfectly tart and lemon-ey!

I didn’t change a thing so click here for the recipe!


Summer So Far

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AKA why I haven’t posted in months:

Pretty much all of my free time is spent at North Ave Beach

Or at Black Dog Gelato, my new favorite

I joined a CSA! So there will be actual food posts at some point

Banana Nutella Crepe from the Farmer's Market on the way to pick up my CSA box

Chicago Air & Water Show-just one of the many summer events I have enjoyed

And Danae got married!! It was beautiful 🙂 And an awesome party!

Overall an awesome summer!!  So not ready for fall!