Travel Tuesday: Kaffee and Kuchen

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Last week I talked about my love for European cafes.  It was on my trip to Germany that I fell in love with the mid-afternoon coffee and cake break.  Pretty much Kaffee and Kuchen was my and Danae’s lunch every day while we were there.  It was great!  We ate and drank our way through the northern half of the country so here is our daily coffee break.

In Hamburg we didn’t get cake, but we did make a stop for Balzac Coffee.  We needed coffee, but mostly we just wanted to giggle over the name Balzac.

In Gottingen we stopped at Cron & Lanz.  This is where we started ordering kaffee mit baileys, which just improved the experience.  We both agreed these were the best desserts of the trip!  Their chocolates were incredible as well, it was very upsetting when I finished my last one a few weeks after we got home!

The next day in Gottingen we had an hour to kill before our train left.  So of course we found an outdoor cafe in the city center and ordered a round of kaffee mit baileys to enjoy while we people watched.  German fashion and German daddies (we were amazed that they took their kids places) were the main topics of conversation.

In Sababurg we stopped at the biergarten inside Tierpark Sababurg.  There was cake involved, but we got beer instead of coffee.  And it was a good thing we did with the whole getting attacked by a baby donkey thing.

Paulaner-our fave!

Our first day in Kassel we stopped for another round of kaffee mit baileys and kuchen.  Well, atleast Danae did.  I decided to get real food but somehow ended up ordered soggy toast with tomatoes.  Life lesson learned-always order cake!!

On our last day we were at the Bergpark Wilhelmshohe waiting for the Hercules fountain to be run.  We sadly took one last afternoon break for beer and cake.

Just a small sampling of our unofficial food & drink tour of Germany!!


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  1. oh how fun! germany is on my short list of next trips!!


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