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Bacon Friday: Crif Dogs

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If you have never had a bacon wrapped hot dog, you are definitely missing out!

I had my first one in December in NYC at Crif Dogs.  I would highly recommend the Chihuahua which comes with avocado and sour cream, but they all looked good!  Definitely worth the trip if you are in New York!

Deliciousness in a bun!! Ignore the hat hair-it was freezing that weekend!


New Feature: Bacon Friday!

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That’s right!  Every Friday, I’ll be posting a new recipe with everyone’s favorite ingredient: BACON!

For starters, let’s begin with just plain old bacon in all it’s delicious glory.  Not all bacons are created equal!  In fact, I’d be willing to bet that the bacon you’ve been buying at the grocery store is the WRONG kind of bacon… the kind that comes in those vacuum-packed plastic packages, arranged in a pretty little stack with catchy-sounding names like “hickory smoked” or “maple cured.”

Are you ready for this?  Do not buy that kind of bacon ever again.  Ever.  It’s not real bacon!  Well, it is, but it’s been saturated with all sorts of chemicals and additives that aren’t very good for you and that you don’t need anyways.

Real bacon looks like this:

Raw bacon!

Do you see how thick and marbled and meaty that bacon is?  That’s how bacon is supposed to look.  No ingredients added, no preservatives or fillers or ANYTHING – just meat.

This is the bacon I buy from Whole Foods.  Its dry-rubbed and uncured slab bacon.  I’ve spotted slab bacon in the more standard grocery stores as well, but it tends to be cured nonetheless – and that means it’s still full of the additives you want to avoid.  Farmer’s markets are another great place to look for this kind of bacon.  I like to buy it in batches of 1.5lbs, which will last me anywhere from a 1-2 weeks, usually 2.  The taste is incomparable to the packaged stuff – it’s the perfect blend of sweet and salty.  Plus, since it’s cut so thick, you get both the crunch of crispy bacon and the meaty chewiness of a good jerky.

Trust me, once you give this kind of bacon a try, you will never, ever, ever want to go back.

This piece kind of looks like New Jersey. I look like crap, but who cares - it's BACON!

Happy Friday!