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This has nothing to do with food or travel, our usual subjects around here.  But it is finals which means making myself eggs for dinner is a chore, so I haven’t done much cooking lately.  But yesterday I was bored after my 8am final and too burned out to study for my (last!) final on Monday, so decided to work on some of the DIY projects I have been saving for months.  Here is what I made:

From left to right:

Jersey Knit Bracelet with material cut up from an old t-shirt.

Leather Lanyard Bracelet made with white and brown leather cord.

DIY Rope Bracelet using a Stainless Steel S hook (which is why it looks different-steel doesn’t bend) and leather cord.

DIY Braided Hex Nut Bracelet.  I made this a few months ago and love it, but had to re-do it with an actual clasp, the ends were too frayed to keep tying it.

Washer Bracelet.  This is actually a necklace tutorial, but I just used 5 washers and made a bracelet.  Also used leather cord instead of ribbon.

I just kept putting them on my arm after making them so figured I may as well take a picture and share!