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Travel Tuesday: Patisserie Valerie

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I spent an awesome week in London and Paris over Thanksgiving!  One of my favorite parts of Europe is the little cafes they have everywhere.  It is so relaxing to sit and enjoy a coffee and dessert.  It’s even more relaxing with if you add Baileys to the coffee, but that is a story for a different day.  Europeans really do understand leisure better than Americans, and this is the perfect example.  There is no feeling of being rushed.  In fact, it is usually hard to flag someone down when you do want to leave!

I was excited to discover Patisserie Valerie in London!!  Valerie must be a more common name in Europe because I saw another store that included it in the name.  I passed it on the way to Piccadilly to shop with my whole (huge) family so clearly I had to go back.  My sisters and I went for coffee and dessert a few days later and it was delicious!  We tried the chocolate mousse and the eclair, both were amazing!!  If only America would pick up this tradition!


Chocolate mousse with cream puff on top